GCSE Essentials

Hello everyone. So I know that this is a bit of a weird topic but it was all i could think of and I thought it might be helpful to some people who have just gone back to school. Also i know i have only had two weeks of GCSE experience but i feel like what i know could be useful to some people and my brother who is currently doing his A-Levels has taught me a lot about GCSE essentials. Hope this is helpful and that you enjoy!

  1. Pencil case — Definitely a number one essential. I advise that it contains: 2 black pens, 2 blue pens, 2 pencils, 1 rubber, 1 ruler, 1 sharpener, 2+ highlighters (different colours), 1 green pen, 1 red pen, 1 pair scissors, 1 glue stick and some coloured pens or pencils for annotations.
  2. A thin paper folder — This is essential for keeping hold of any loose sheets of paper or homework which would otherwise get ruined in your bag or go missing. Thin paper folders also don’t take up much room at all as they are so thin.
  3. A scientific calculator — You are now a GCSE maths and science student and teachers will expect you to be organised enough to own your own scientific calculator which you will need all the time.
  4. A mathematics set — These sets usually contain a compass, protractor, set square, ruler, pencil and rubber. All of which are needed all the time in maths and occasionally in science too. Again you are now between the ages of 14 and 16 and the teachers will expect you to own your own maths equipment.
  5. At least one binder — These are fatter folders which contain binder clips. You are very likely to need one of these for certain subjects to organise sheets or to replace a book. For example I needed a binder for Biology, History and physics.
  6. Revision cards — This may seem a little premature but they are definitely an essential throughout your GCSE years to ensure that you are up to date with facts and prepared for exams.
  7. An A3 art portfolio/ carry case — This is an essential purely for GCSE art students but i thought i would put it into the list anyway. This is important to have because there will be a lot of work you do at home as well as at school so you will need this to keep your artwork neat and flat between school and home.

I hope that this helped some of you understand what some of the important essentials for GCSE are. If any of you have anything to add then please comment them below for people to read. Please comment, like and follow for more.

Love you all so so much. Bye xx


Random life update; part 3

Hello everybody. So i’m guessing that any of you who have continued checking in on my site have pretty much given up hope of my ever posting again. Well, me too. I got locked out of my own blog site. I accidentally deleted the email address which is linked directly to my account. After forgetting my password i had no way to reset it and so i was stuck. But thankfully, i remembered that my laptop remembered my password for me and so i can access my account and restart my restart to blogging.

So here is a little blog update thingamajig.

I am now in year 10. (Which i guess is the same as grade 9 in america.) This means i have just started my GCSE’s*. So school has changed quite a lot for me; I have specialized classes which are specific to my options, i am in different classes to my friends and the amount of work has increased a lot. Thankfully i have a quite large group of friends so i always have at least one of my friends in every class. But its still all new to me. If you where wondering, i chose to take french, history, geography and art. As well as the necessary subjects which include maths, English, re, PE and the three separate sciences. I am only four days into this year but i am really enjoying it so far (surprisingly).

Anyway, I decided that I wanted to get back into posting to my blog. I am not going to make it to strict of an upload schedule as i really do believe that a blog should be something you do when you want to but, for consistency reasons, I think I am going to attempt uploading once weekly, probably on a Monday. (I am not promising that i will post i am just trying to make a bit of a schedule which i am more likely to stick to an actually continue to keep up blogging.)

As well as this i have taken up a bit more of an interest in photography and art so I may have some specialized categories in which I upload my photos. I have some amazing holidays and trips planned so i cant wait to share some of my pictures with you guys. Along with this i have also recently installed some digital art and drawing software to my computer so you may eventually see some of my digital art (maybe. I mean i’m not saying i’m any good, its just a hobby thing really)

Thank you guys so so much for reading. I know it isn’t exactly very interesting, but its a start. Please comment any suggestions as well as liking and following to see more. I love you all so much. See you soon. Bye xx



noun  1. (in the UK except Scotland) a qualification in a specific subject typically taken by school students aged 14–16, at a level below A level. The equivalent in Scotland is Standard Grade.

One more thing, I don’t really get anyone contacting me at the moment (cause i haven’t posted in like eight months!) But if any of you do have any questions, concerns or suggestions please comment them below as my email contact system is down and i am not sure how long it will take to start up again.  :/

Hello again

Hey everyone! So its been a while! But I thought i would maybe start writing my blog again. So i haven’t blogged since the summer and now its almost 2017 but i got to the point where i didn’t have any ideas and it was stressful trying to constantly trying to think of blog ideas. So i got to the point that i didn’t want to really think about blogging and i was basically too busy to do much blogging so i sort of gave up on it. But now i have decided to maybe get back into blogging. (Please do not expect me to keep up blogging again though because i may just not get back into writing blogs)

So hows your life been in the time i have been gone? If you celebrate it, what did you get for Christmas? Comment down below if you would like to make a video about what i got for Christmas.

So that’s it for this blog, i basically just wanted to say sorry for not blogging for a while. But if you are new to my blog please follow and check out my previous blogs. see you soon i love you all xx

Why I love kiko

Hey guys! I’m sorry that I didn’t upload yesterday on Monday (I’m not gonna lie… I totally forgot)
So today I am going to be blogging about two of my biggest passions… shopping and makeup!
If you didn’t already know kiko is basically high end makeup at really affordable prices. I discovered kiko around two to three months ago and ordered a few things but then one of my current favorite youtubers sophdoesnails did a kiko haul video. I saw she had some amazing things and simply had to order some more and now I am totally obsessed with kiko products. Here are some reasons why I love kiko and would recommend it to anyone!
1) The products are such amazing quality! All of the products are amazingly pigmented, good value and are high end quality! Also the packaging is so beautiful and looks so expensive!!!
2) There is a huge range of products! Kiko sells everything from skincare to nail polish and makeup. They also sell lots of cheap but good quality accessories such as brushes, sponges, makeup bags, nail files and empty travel bottles which is so useful!
3) The prices are incredible! Kiko products range from £1 to £20 which is amazing. Also they always seem to have some sort of sale, promotion or price reduction which is even better. There is currently a deal on where if you buy 6 products from a select range, you get the cheapest 3 for free!
4) Finally kiko is based in the UK but ship to most countries for a very small fee!
I hope you enjoyed this blog and that it was somehow useful to you. I would definitely recommend kiko to you all!
I have just placed a very big order on kiko so expect a haul blog soon!
Love you all
Olivia xx
Visit kiko here


Olivia xx

7 Summer uses for school stuff

Hey everybody! I’m very sorry for not posting last Monday but as it is it he summer holidays I completely lost track of the days so I am posting today instead.
So when the summer holidays come I can’t wait to transform my room into a summery, fun room but I always find that I have loads of school stuff left that you don’t want to through away. So today I am going to show you some summery uses for school stuff.
1) I always find that I have at least one boring, plain notebook left that I have barely used and I never want to wast it so something super summery you can do to a boring old notebook is decorate it to make it a summery book which you can use as a diary etc etc. I ripped out any used pages then decorated the front cover with fun patterned washy tape.

2) Left over bottles of glue. This hack only works with liquid glue and it must be safe and non toxic glue.
Left over glue works really well as a base coat for glittery nail polish. I have struggled so many times to remove glittery nail polish but it just won’t come off. So using an old, clean paintbrush, spread a thin layer of glue over the nail and wait for it to completely dry. (It won’t take long and it drys perfectly clear if the layer is thin) Then apply the nail polish over the top as you usually would. Then when you go to take it off you can simply peel it off. ( I remember sitting in my dt lessons at school with two of my best friends making fake wax strips out of pva glue! Haha)

3) I always have left over stationary which i would buy because it looked cute but i would never use. This year i had left over bulldog clips which i got because they where pretty coloured but i never used them. So i simply clipped them onto an old coat hanger and hung it on the wall and used it to hang my jewellery. I found this one of the best hacks as not only does it make pretty wall art but it also stores necklaces which i always loose or they get tangled.

4) As I like to collect cute stationary at the start of each year I often find left over stationary boxes at the end of the year. This year I had a plastic box which paper clips had come in. I transferred the left over paperclips into a little jar and then I found that the small plastic box worked perfectly to store small hair elastics to keep them separate from my normal hair bands as I am always loosing them. You could also use these boxes to store hair grips or clips but tic tac boxes also work as brilliant hair grip storage.

5) I am sure I am not the only one who looses charger leads over the side of tables or in my case they drop back through the whole they come out of in my desk. So a perfect way to hold them in place is to clip them on with a bulldog clip. This works so well as it also prevents spaghetti wires.

6) This hack doesn’t really link in with school stuff but I wanted to share it with you anyway. If you find that you have lots of old empty picture frame but you have no pictures to put into them a great use for them is to go to your local craft store and buy a really cheap sheet of white bored or black bored material. Then you can take the back of the picture frame and trace around it onto the white bored/ black bored then cut it out. Insert it into the picture frame and there you have your very own white bored or black bored!

7) Again this hack doesn’t really link to school but I wanted to tell you about it anyway as I love it. If you have any left over paint from past craft projects check the bottle and see it it says you can use it on wood. If so you can pain a really cute picture onto the ring side of a log. You can find small logs in the woods, at garden centers or even some craft stores. They only need to be small logs and you don’t need to be good at art. You could even just paint a pattern onto the wood but it makes beautiful room/ garden decor. If you are using it to decorate your garden I suggest you apply a thin layer of varnish over the dry paint to prevent weather damage.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. I wanted to do something a little bit different because my blogs are getting a little bit repetitive. I hope you find these hacks and tricks useful as I certainly did. If you want more blogs like this remember to like. Also follow for more and comment any blog request and suggestions. Sorry that this blog was a little long but i wanted to write in detail.Thanks for reading!
Love you all
Olivia xx

Olivia xx

July holy grails and holy fails

Hello everybody! Today I am going to be doing my July favorites and I am going to make it a little more interesting by also telling you about some things I have not liked and some things which I am not sure about yet.
Holy grails:
1) Blistex lip brilliance- this is a really moisturising tinted lip balm which is a pretty shimmery dark pink
2) chapstick mixstix lemon berry sorbet- this is a really good lip balm and leaves your lips super soft and moisturising
3) colour couture eye shadow cream- the cream eyeshadow I have been loving hasn’t got a colour name but it is a gorgeous shimmery copper colour and it looks beautiful
4) Rimmel 100% waterproof mascara in 002 black brown- this is a really easy to use mascara and gives an amazing volumised effect on the lashes
5) mua intense colour lip liner in caramel nougat- this has been in my favorites before but it is so amazing. It is the most incredible nude browny pinky colour and although it is matte it is not drying on the lips, it kinda has a creamy texture and is so easy to apply. I just love it
6) mint chocolate m&m’s- oh my god they are so amazing!!!!!!!
7) Ready set glamour and soph does nails on YouTube- both their videos are really good and they are both so so talented at makeup
8) no.7 nail polish in beanie- it is such a beautiful colour

Holy fails:
(Disclaimer- these products didn’t work for me but I may be using them wrong or they may just work for you. This is just my opinion of them)
1) nail Inc nail gel in hot pink- this went on amazingly and looked really good but it was really hard to get off and stained my nail
2) Avon planet spa sleep serenity pillow mist- the smell is quite strong and instead of helping me sleep it just kept me awake
3) Accessories scarlet blush- this is a good blush for when you start out with makeup however the pigmentation is quite poor

Maybe baby:
1) collection lip butter in 02 cappuccino- I only got this a couple of days ago so I need to properly try it out however so far it is so creamy and is a very subtle colour which I like
2) Barry M berry good lip oil- this is also a very recently purchase this but so far it is very pretty lip gloss and very moisturising. It also smells very nice and fruity. But I think that it runs out quickly as I only got this two days ago and it has already lost a lot of product
3) w7 the honey queen honeycomb blush- the pigmentation is very poor but it is really shimmery so makes a good highlighter

I hope you enjoyed this blog. It was a little different to my usual favourites but I wanted to change it up a little as my favourites are getting a little repetitive. This is because I don’t buy a lot of new stuff each month. I also wanted to quickly ask if you have any blog requests and what you would like to see more of in the future for my blog because I feel my blogs are getting a little repetitive.
I’m sorry this blog has been so long but I hope you liked it anyway. Please like and follow if you haven’t already.
Love you all
Olivia xx
P. S quite a while ago I told you I had some exiting things planned for you, well now I have something really exiting planned. I will be telling you about this either next week or the week after so remember to be back soon for that. Love you all xx

Olivia xx

Summer essentials

Hi everyone! I hope where ever you are and whatever you are doing, you are having a great day! Where I am in the UK the summer holidays have just began and it feels great to think that I have 6 whole weeks of no school! Also where I live the weather has just turned really hot and sunny so I am having so much summer fun outdoors. So today I wanted to do a little blog to tell you about some of my summer everyday essentials and a little random blog update at the end too. I hope you enjoy!
1) Sun cream- it gets so hot and sunny in the summer that Sun cream is absolutely essential
2) Sun glasses- these are just an obvious essential, they not only stop the brightness of the Sun but also make me feel really summery
3) Sun hat- I have a huge floppy hat which is really lovely for when the weather gets hot. I also love this hat cause it makes me feel really summery
4) Ice cream/ ice lollies- ice cream is great for cooling you down and it also tastes amazing!!!!
5) Fruit- I don’t know why but in the summer I love healthy food and fruit is amazing. I love to try new fruit in the summer too
6) outdoor games- in the summer time I love to spend as much time outdoors as possible and so I love to have fun outdoor games to play with friends and my family (I got a trampoline this spring and I spend hours on it!)
7) cold drinks- I always have a cold drink nearby in the summer to cool me down and because I love to make fruit infused water so it tastes good too
8) reasons to go outside- this may sound odd but one of my summer essentials is to be able to go outside instead of always staying indoors. Whether it’s a dog walk or a trip to the beach I just love being outside in the summer
9) gazebo- now this one isn’t quite as accessible for some people but I love setting up a gazebo and sitting in the cool shade
10) fan- some summer days are just too hot to spend out in the blazing Sun so I love to have a fan in my room and cool the room down
I hope you enjoyed this quick blog and can relate to some of my summer essentials. As always remember to like, comment and follow for more. Also comment any blog requests you may have as I am always in need of your ideas. This blog has now existed for more than 5 months and I am so so so so so happy that I now have over 35 followers. Thank you so much for always reading my blogs even when I am not very consistent. If you haven’t already noticed I am trying to upload weekly on a Monday because I fine it so much easier when I know when people upload so I thought I would help you out by being as consistent as possible. On Tuesday the 16th ofAugust it will be the 6 month anniversary of my blog so I am planning to do an extra special blog (instead of a blog on Monday 15th) to celebrate the special occasion so if you have any ideas for what I could do please comment or contact me (info in contact menu). Because I would love to know what you want to see on my blog.
Thanks so much for always being so amazing
Love you all


Word count (summer)–17😱😁😝

My beauty wish list

Hey everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful day today. It is super hot in UK today and I hope it is hot wherever you are too.
So today I am going to share with you my beauty wish list.
1) real techniques brushes
2) Naked eye shadow palette
3) two faced chocolate bar palette
4) nars cheek palette
5) Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in nude
6) Tanya Burr liquid lipstick in Martha moo
7) Tanya Burr eyeshadow in birthday suit
8) Zoella life is sweet cosmetic bag
9) sleek blush in rose gold
10) Maybelline lash sensational mascara
I hope you enjoyed this quick blog and can relate to some of these products.  There are some higher end products which are a little more pricey however most are high street brands and are available in boots, super drug or amazon.
Please thumbs up this blog if you liked it, comment below which products you want and don’t forget to follow to see more of my blogs.
Love you all
Olivia xx

Olivia xx

My recent beauty buys

Hey everybody! How are you all today? So today I wanted to tell you all about some of my recent beauty buys. Now these are all fairly resent but some have featured in my may favorites.
1) Tanya Burr peachy glow cheek palette– I love this palette, the blush is my favourite and the bronzer and highlighter are also amazing!
2) seventeen define & conquer contour kit– I love the fact that both the bronzer and highlighter are matte.
3) Imagic lipstick in shade 8– this is a beautiful matte subtle pinky red colour.
4) e.l.f daily brush cleanser– this is an amazing brush cleanser
5) Revolution amazing volume mascara– this is a very good mascara but it depends if you like plastic applicators
6) Baptiste tropical dry shampoo– this is an amazing hair fix and is so easy to use. It also smells lovely
7) MUA intense colour lip liner in caramel nougat– this is literally the best colour ever. It’s such a beautiful matte nude and it’s relatively easy to use
8) Rimmel London stay matte powder in 002 pink blossom– this is a really good powder and matches my skin tone really well

So that’s it. I have been saving up my recent purchases to make this blog. I recommend all these products as they are really good. All of these are quite cheep and available in the high street or on amazon.
I hope you enjoyed this blog and maybe it gave you some ideas of great beauty products.  Remember to follow to get all my blogs delivered to your wordpress reader or to your email. And like this blog as I really appreciate it. You can also comment your thoughts on these products or if you have any product recommendations.
I have recently hit 35 followers and I am so happy and I am so greatful for all my wonderful followers as when I started this blog in February I didn’t expect this many followers. So I wanted to say a massive massive thank you as I feel like I don’t thank you enough and I really do appreciate every single one of you. Thank you
I love all so much
Keep smiling
Olivia xx

Olivia xx

June favourites

Hey everyone. This year has gone so quickly! It seems like only yesterday I was writing a may favorites! Anyway here are some things I have been loving this month.
1) Zoella double créme body lotion– it just feels and smells so good
2) Rimmel waterproof mascara in 002 brown Black– this is an amazing mascara and is waterproof too
3) Ted Baker mini perfume set– this set includes some beautiful scents
4) Bronzer– I have a lot of bronzers which I have been using a lot but I don’t know which I like more so I am just saying I love bronzers in general.
5) Zoella body fondant– this gives the most beautiful natural glow
6) Imagic lipstick in 08– this is a gorgeous muted red mattelipstick
7) I love raspberry & blackberry body spritz– I absolutely love this scent to bits
8) The Body Shop– recently I have just loved body shop products
9) Zoella blissful mistful body mist– I love this scent so much it’s my favourite from the original collection
10) lush– I just love everything from lush, it’s just so amazing
11) Bio active organic tee tree blemish stick– this is basically a life saver. It helps remove spots within roughly a day and doesn’t leave scars. I highly recommend it. (I don’t know how well it works on acne though)
12) Superwoman aka lilly Singh– lately I have been loving her videos. She makes the best comedic videos ever
13) Special K almond cereal bars– it sounds old but these taste amazing. I love them so much
14) Strawberries– I love everything about strawberries. And now that it’s summer these make a great snack
15) Suffragette–this film is really good. It’s so inspirational and I honestly think that teenage girls should watch this film because it shows the sacrifice women made for out rights
Thanks for reading. I did upload earlier this week however I decided to delete it. I have lots planned for you all in the coming weeks though.
See you soon
Love you all
Olivia xx

Olivia xx