Diy reed diffuser


We all love a sweet scented room but who knew that you could get one for such little money?!
This is such a simple, cheep diy which literally takes two minutes.


For this diy you will need:
A jar or vase (you may already have them but you can get them as cheep as £2.00)
An essential oil of your choice
(these are usually around£4.00-£7.00, I advise you shop around)
Some reeds (amount depends on size of jar) (usually reeds are about £3.00)
Enough water to fill about a third of your vase
(this is free)

To make this reed diffuser you need to start by putting a few drops of your essential oil into the water until you have got the scent to the desired strength. Newton pour the water and essential oil mixture into your vase and put a few reeds into the top of the jar.
After the reeds have been in the vase for about 30 seconds, gently flip them around. That is all it takes.


If you find the smell doesn’t last, using vodka will help.
You can then decorate the vase as much or as little as you like using ribbed, buttons, paint or fabric.
And that’s it!! In total, when I made this, it cost me £7.99 but prices will vary on certain products.
I really hope you liked this blog, please comment, like and follow. I will be making a new blog soon!!

Olivia Hart xx

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