OMG. Thank you!!

Hey guys. I am sooo sorry I haven’t blogged in ages but stupid BT mucked up my Internet and it looks like I won’t get it back for a while. Today was my first opportunity to (briefly) access the Internet. I just saw all your comments and likes and follows and was totally overwhelmed.  I have only just started blogging and I am quite a shy person. (I have tried to be confident in my blogs though) so I found all your likes so nice. I love you all and can’t thank you enough for giving me such a boost. Also I had kind of lost hope in getting any likes in my blogs for at least a few months because I have only just started this blog. I will try and blog as much as possible. I have read all your comments. Thank you sooo much. Love you all.
Olivia Hart xx
(Soz bout pic. Best my phone can do)



11 thoughts on “OMG. Thank you!!

  1. littlemisskiwi says:

    Love this post! I’m just starting flute lessons, funnily enough…
    By the way, I tried contacting you via email but gmail said that doesn’t exist? If you know anything about that your help would be appreciated. I don’t mean to be a creepy stalker, I’m just interested in your blog and like being able to speak to other bloggers!


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