Preventing Procrastination

Hey guys! I an so sorry I haven’t blogged in ages. I just have been really busy with stuff.
After my last blog who said healthy is hard?? I received a comment from  Oceana saying that she finds having some me time hard because it prevents her from doing her homework. So I promised I would do a blog on how to change that.
Procrastination by definition is the action of delaying or postponing something. So basically, we find our selves reading a book or watching a movie when we know we have a huge essay due tomorrow. We all do it.
So here are my 5 top tips:


Break down the task
Imagine that the assignment is painting a picture. You start with the grass, then the sky then you add the flowers. Ok, I know the whole picture thing is weird but seriously, take my advise and break it down. Don’t bite of more than you can chew!

Just do it
Sometimes I find the best way to conquer procrastination is to just knuckle down and do what you know you have to do. Remember, it may mean 30 minutes of doing something boring but, after that it is done forever. Your future self will thank you!

Remind your self of the consequences
Sometimes all I have to do to prevent myself procrastinating is remind myself of the consequences if I don’t do it. Sometimes just saying ” you’ll get a detention if you don’t do it.” Is enough to motivate yourself.

Reward yourself
Just promising yourself a movie or that you can read your favourite book is enough to motivate yourself to get it done. If you tell yourself you can do something you enjoy after doing your homework you will motivate your self. But don’t give it to yourself if you don’t do the homework first!!!

Tell yourself there is no escape
I often remind myself that there is no escape, I tell myself I have to get it done sooner or later. Somehow telling myself that however much I delay it I still have to do it really motivates me.

So, there are my 5 top tips on how to prevent procrastination. I hope you found some of these useful as they really help me motivate myself. If you still procrastinate, I highly recommend this video. Stop procrastinating (Tap link)

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Thanks again, I hope you liked my blog.
Olivia xx

Olivia Hart xx


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