25 facts about me

Hey everyone! I accidentally deleted my first 25 facts about me blog so I am doing it again. You may have all ready seen it but please read it again as it is completely different to my first 25 facts about me.

1) My name is Olivia Emma Hart
2) I started blogging on Tuesday February 16th 2016
3) I have an older sister called Leah Hart
4) I have 2 dogs called Millie and Boris
5) My birthday is the 24th of December
6) I love reading blogs (especially Zoella’s)
7) I love watching Youtube (I am a big Zoella and Joe Sugg fan)
8) I only own 2 medals (1 cricket and 1 rounders runner up I won both at school)
9) My favourite/ lucky number is 13
10) I live in the country side and often blog in my garden (the sunset from there is the best!!!)
11) I play the flute and keyboard
12) My favourite colours are (best to worst) purple, light grey and the type of pink on the this blog
13) My favourite season is winter all though I don’t like the cold
14) I can’t spell to save my life
15) I don’t have a definite eye colour
16) I am allergic to henna, face paint, some Sun creams and grass
17) I get seriously panicky in spreading cars (don’t ask)
18) I love lush products
19) I am sometimes really girly
20) I hate mushrooms
21) Chinese takeaways are my favourite meal
22) I have never had a boyfriend except a love hate relationship
23) I hate the word yolk (as in egg yolk)
24) I am really organized
25) I love blogging!

And that’s it. Just to let you know that is all true. I have made a lot of changes and its very random but I just thought you may want to know more about me. I will be back with another blog soon. Please like and follow my blogs and comment any blog ideas you have.
Love you all.


Olivia Hart xx

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4 thoughts on “25 facts about me

  1. Nicole Cara says:

    You sound just like me, keep posting girl!! I have a blog it’s nicolecara.blogspot.com and I would really appreciate if you’d check it out – all us in the blogging community trying to support and what not!


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