DIY candles you will love

Hello again everybody. Todays blog is about something I absolutely love, candles and diy’s. So in this blog I will be showing you a great diy.


This is an amazingly cute lavender candle that you can make for yourself or as a personalized gift. This candle looks and smells incredible. I have made this myself but I got the picture off of pinterest. Of course you can adapt this by changing the decoration and scent.


For this diy  you will need:
A jar or other glass container (size optional)
Wax (can be a block or beads)
A wick
A wick holder (small metal peace that holds the wick in place)
Lavender (this can be fresh or dried but fresh is best)
Lavender essential oil.
Ice lolly stick (you could use a pencil or anything else that reaches across the top of the jar)


First of all, press the lavender into the edges of the jar, then place the end of the wick into the wick holder and drop it to the bottom of the jar.
Wrap the other end of the wick loosely around the lolly stick or pencil and place it across the top of the container like shown in the image above.
Melt the wax to a liquid and stir in a few drops of the lavender essential oil until you have the desired scent. Then gently pour around the wick careful not to push the lavender down. Fill the jar until it is a little of the top of the jar.
Wait until the wax has set to for a hard wax and the trim the wick so that it sticks out of the top of the candle by about 1.5 cm.


And there you have it, a beautiful candle that smells and looks stunning. As I said at the beginning, this candle can be easily adapted to create a personalized gift. For example you count use different herbs or flowers. Here are a few ideas of how you could scent the candle and how you could decorate it.

Different scent options:
Wild flowers (this scent is available as an essential oil)

Different decoration options:
Sea shells
Paint (you can get special glass paint)

I hope you enjoyed this blog please like and follow. I love you all. 💜

Olivia Hart xx

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