Random blog update

Hello everybody, I know lately I have been blogging a lot but, I think I’ve had a lot to blog about.
I’m so sorry but I accidentally deleted two of my blogs, 25 facts about me and secrets. I am going to do my 25 facts about me blog again though.
So to sum up secrets really quickly, it was about me being a bit worried about telling my friends about my blog (which I started 3 weeks and 2 days ago) but I have big news… Today I told them about it so they may be reading this right now!! I must admit, it does feel weird blogging when I know that people who know me could be reading this but, I have wanted to tell them for ages so I was really happy when they were all so nice about it. I am still planning a recipe blog and after a comment from Cammey, I have decided to do a healthy vegan dessert because that way, anyone and everyone can try it. I’m really sorry that I have been promising is for so long but, I just haven’t got round to it. As I said earlier, I will redo my 25 facts about me blog too.
Also, I just wanted to remind you of my https://tsha.re/embed/store/F5idR5Rouk?theme=light&accent=FF1EDD” target=”_blank”>Tshare collection (tap link).ย I would appreciate it if you could check out my products and feedback to me what you think.
Thanks so much for reading, I know it wasn’t exactly a very interesting blog but I just wanted to update you all on my blogging life.
I love you all
Olivia xx


Also, I just want to thank Chloe, Lucy, Preet, Jasmine, Katy, April, Lillie and Ella (my friends) for being so great when I told them about this blog. (thanks guys)

Olivia Hart xx


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