My anxiety

Hello everybody! So today I am going to do a serious blog about another side of me. I hadn’t planned to do this blog until I got an email from anonymous requesting this. So basically, you may not know but, I suffer from minor generalised anxiety disorder. That is a type of anxiety which causes excessive, unrealistic worry and tension, even if there is little or nothing to cause the attack. I was diagnosed with this type of anxiety when I was 10 years old, this was my first ever panic attack.  It was a week before I took my 11 plus and I started having anxiety attacks. I would have about 2 or sometimes even 3 attacks a day because I was so stressed out about test. Now a panic attack is not what you think, a panic attack can last for up to half and hour of constant panicking. Obviously that isn’t always the case sometimes they only last for a few minutes but I find that it takes an hour or so to completely calm down.
Some panic attacks are more physical and you cry and are physically sick but a lot of the time for me, they are more mental and inside. I get an increase in heart rate which is also off beat. Also it causes difficulties bresthing, dizziness and the sounds around me seem louder and slightly muffled.
My biggest advice is to not let it control you and if you know someone who suffers from anxiety my advice is to just support them but… Don’t stress out, they are already stressed enough!
If you want to know more you can either check out Zoella’s video on anxiety (tap link) or visit this site anxiety (tap link)
Thanks for reading sorry it’s a bit of a serious blog. Please like and follow, but I would also love it if you could comment as this wasn’t the easiest blog to write so I would love to know what you think. Also if you know any ways to calm down after an attack then please comment below or email me. You will find my email address in the contact section of the menu bar. Thanks again.


Olivia xx


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