My beauty products part 1

Hey everyone! So today’s blog is going to be something a bit different. This is the first of a series of beauty blogs. Now I have never done a beauty blog before but I really like beauty.  To be honest I only wear makeup on special occasions but I do have an excessive amount of makeup and thousands of beauty products. So I am going to create a series of blogs about my beauty products! The reason I am creating several blogs is because I have too much to create one blog.
In this blog I am going to tell you about my bath/ bath related products. I have written where I got them from too. Also, some of the lush products are no longer available because I got them during the Christmas season so you won’t be able to get them any more. But you may be able to get them next year.


So these are all my bath products. As you can see, some (6) of the products are from lush but some of them are just unbranded bath products. To be honest I could go on for hours explaining all of these so I’m not going to explain them. But I love them all as they all smell wonderful!!!
I have:
Luxury lush pud (bath bomb) (lush)
Lush fizzbanger (bath ballistic) (lush)
Lush Mmmelting marshmallow moment (bath oil) (lush)
Lush you’ve been mangoed (bath oil) (lush)
Lush the magic of Christmas (reusable bubble wand)(lush)
Lush magic wand (reusable bubble wand)(lush)
Zoella bath bombeinies (may have spelt that wrong) (Superdrug)
The beauty parlour bath caviar (Morrisons)-(cringe)
The beauty parlour 3 in a row bath bombs (Morrisons)
Sweet snuggles snowflake bath bombs (superdrug)
Random Christmas mini bath bombs  (Amazon)


Next I have other bath related products.
I have:
The body shop strawberry body butter (The body shop)
The body shop mango bubble bath (The body shop)
Possibility raspberry pavlova body lotion (Boots)
Zoella creamy madly dreamy body lotion (Superdrug)
Britney Spears curious body lotion (Superdrug/Boots)
Toni&Guy professional hair set containing shampoo, conditioner, hair spray and heat defence spray (Asda)

I love all these products and recommend them to you all as they are so nice. If you want me to go into more detail about them please tell me and I could create a more detailed blog for you. I really hope you enjoyed my first ever beauty blog. I will be making more in this series and maybe will make more beauty blogs if you like this. Again I’m sorry I didn’t go into much detail but I didn’t want to make this blog too long.
Please comment what you think of this blog, like and follow me too!!
Thanks for reading. Love you all. See you next time.
Olivia xx

Olivia xx


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