My random favourites

Hey everyone!  Today I really wanted to write a blog but I just spent ten minuets trying to come up with something to blog about so today I am going to blog about my random favorites. So here they are:
1) Spotify– Spotify premium is best but I don’t have Spotify premium I have the free version which is well worth it as it is incredible.
2) Whatsapp– It means you get free texts and calls and it means you can firm a group chat will multiple people. So I recommend it as it’s free.
3) Lush– What’s not to love about about lush it’s just amazing stuff.
4) Wattpad– If you don’t know what it is, it’s bazically when people write books on their and you can read them but you can also write if you want. I have got really into it lately.
5) Face masks– They just make your skin so soft and feel gone and, it sounds weird but, I kinda just enjoy using face masks.
6) Youtube– Obviously. I particularly love Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella) and Joe Sugg.
7) Matte nude eyeshadow– I particularly love a palette called Mega Mattes by technic it’s not a proper brand but it has beautiful neutral colours and was literally £3.60 on Amazon.
8) Hair masks– Particularly  Frizz ease hair mask. It is quite cheap and is amazing for your hair.
9) Troye Sivan– I have just become kind of obsessed with his songs lately especially Youth. But that relates to Spotify.
10) Starbucks– I just love Starbucks. Especially their  iced late. They are incredible.
Thanks for reading. I recommend all of these and they where not in order of importance. Anyway, I will blog soo. Bye.
Olivia xx

Olivia xx


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