Spring has officially sprung♡

Hello everybody! So, if you live in England spring has now (finally) sprung! Here in southern England, the last few days have been amazing!! Right now it’s 29 degrees and it’s only 20 to 12 am!! Good old England!


So I haven’t really got anything on particular to blog about so I apologise for the short blog. I do want to tell you all that a good friend of mine Zoe has now started a blog! She has only done one blog but intends to do more. Her blog is www.zozeblog.wordpress.com so you should all check that out. Thanks for reading I will be back soon with some more interesting blogs. Love you all
Olivia xx

Olivia xx


6 thoughts on “Spring has officially sprung♡

  1. littlemisskiwi says:

    Hi Olivia, it’s Kira!
    I think I heard you mention a vegan dessert in one of your blogs, I think you should really try that out if you don’t have any inspiration for posts! I think it would be brilliant if you posted something like that,
    Kira x


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