May favourites

Hello everybody.  Sorry I haven’t blogged in a long time but now I have lots of ideas. Now this is my first monthly favorites and I intend to keep this up at the end of every month. So it is now June but I am going to tell you about some of my beauty and random favourites of may 2016. Sorry I am a bit late but still,  better late than never!
1) Barry M mani mask in bamboo– this helps strengthen your nails as well as give them a beautiful nude, semi matte finish.
2) Tanya Burr Peachy glow cheek palette– I only got this reason try after wanting it for ages and it is beautiful. I love the blush, bronzer and highlighter.
3) MUA lipstick in shade 14 bare– this is a beautiful pale nude lipstick which goes with any look.
4) MUA pistachio ice cream nail polish– this is the most beautiful mint candy apple coloured nail polish.
5) Sleek blush– sleek has such a wide range of colours both matte and shimmer and they have amazing pigmentation.
6) e.l.f daily brush cleanser– I find cleaning makeup brushes so much easier with the help of this cleanser.
7) Fox’s triple biscuit bars– this may sound random but they taste amazing.
8) Now you see me– this is an action(ish) film which I recently re watched and I find it so entertaining.
9) Zoella– I know it’s weird to put a person on your favorites but recently I have loved watching Zoe’s videos. (Am looking farward to trying her new range!)
10) Forest– this is an app which basically times you for a set amount of time and won’t let you access any other apps (until times up) with out killing a tree. This really helps me with revision.
11) Cookie dough ice cream– it’s getting warmer weather (where I live) and this ice cream just tastes delicious!
12) Spotify–as always this app is just perfect if you want to listen to music.
13) lush– lately I have been loving large colourful bath bombs as they just make the perfect bath.

Thank you for reading this far because it was a long list of favourites! Also, I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in a while I have just been very busy and have been stuck for blog ideas. But don’t worry because I now have lots of ideas so be prepared for lots of blogs to come! Sorry to be dragging on for so long but I just wanted to tell you that I have something very exiting planned for you all! Remember to follow this blog if you are new here, like this post if you liked it and comment down below if you also like any of these things. Or comment any of your favorites that I may like. Also if you have time, please check out my friends Zoe and Gabi’s blog which I will link below.
I love you all
Olivia xx

Some useful Websites for the things listed above:
Zoella blog
Zoella YouTube
Zoe and Gabi’s blog

I hope you liked this blog and it was helpful to you and remember to come back soon for more blogs. Xx

Olivia xx


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