Random Blog Update 2

Hello everybody. So today I wanted to do a bit of a random blog chat with you. I just wanted to give you a bit of an update on my blog. So, i am aware that i went for about a month without blogging because i was very busy and i didn’t have any ideas. But then i suddenly got a lot of ideas all at once so this blog is going to become very active for a while. I have decided that i am going to try my very hardest to upload once a week for you. But as usual i cant guarantee this some weeks i may not upload or upload more than once but i will try to be more regular. Also, (spoiler alert) i will be uploading makeup and beauty blogs for the next 2-3 weeks as they are my ideas so i hope you enjoy that. Also any ideas you do have i would really appreciate it if you commented them or just comment that you enjoyed a certain blog/ blog style i did. Okay so you have all heard this before but remember to follow my blog so that you get my blogs every time i upload and press the like button because it really does make me feel good about my blogs and just generally happy. (I know that sounds odd but its true!) And remember to comment below any ideas for blogs or anything you like about my blogs. Or anything really, even if you just want a chat. Or you can email at oliviahartblog@gmail.com .Remember, if you do comment, to link your blogs below and i will try to check them all out. I will blog soon so remember to be back soon. I’m sorry that this has been a bit of a ramble but i like to give you a bit of an update on my blog. So thanks for reading. Some thing i don’t do very often which i want to say is a massive massive thank you to all my followers and all the lovely people for liking and commenting and to you all for just reading this. It really does mean a lot to me.

I love you all lots!

Olivia xx

P.s Please remember to come back soon, not only for new blogs but for a big announcement which i will be revealing in a few weeks. So that’s something really exiting! If you are currently doing your exams or have them coming up i wish you good luck. See you soon! xx


3 thoughts on “Random Blog Update 2

  1. oliviahart92 says:

    (spoiler alert!– check out zoella’s YouTube and social media.)
    Just wanted to say… I am mega exited for zoella sweet inspirations!!! I have ordered some of the new zoella range but would love it if you could comment what you think about the range if you have already bought some stuff. Also link your blogs if you have done a review!
    (another spoiler alert!) I will be doing a review of the products when they arrive! Also, I am so exited for Girl Online 3!!!
    See you soon! xx


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