Zoella Sweet Inspirations Review

Hey everyone! You don’t know how exited I have been to write this blog. So today I am going to be doing a review of the new Zoella sweet inspiration range. So I am afraid that I will only be reviewing two products because it costs a little too much to get them all. Anyway I wanted to review hem so that anyone who wants them gets to know what they are like.
So I bought the Body Fondant and the Body Lotion.

Body Fondant:
The Body Fondant as well as the rest of the range smells like sweet almond and macaroon which is absolutely incredible!! It also looks so beautiful on the skin, it gives such a beautiful glow to the skin.

Body lotion:
The body lotion smells like sweet almond and macaroon too. It feels so soft on the skin and is very moisturising. The smell is quit long lasting too which is also very good.

I hope this was kind of useful to you as I highly recommend the whole range. I hope you enjoyed the blog. Make sure to read my previous blog and future ones too. See you later.
Love you all.
Olivia xx

Olivia xx


4 thoughts on “Zoella Sweet Inspirations Review

    • Olivia says:

      Hi. Thank you so much. I have a lot planned and I am really pleased you like my blog. I checked out your blog but forgot my password so I wasn’t able to follow at the moment but I will do as soon as possible. Oops :\ but I still love your blogs. I love your latest on music and travel it is amazing. ♡


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