Summer essentials

Hi everyone! I hope where ever you are and whatever you are doing, you are having a great day! Where I am in the UK the summer holidays have just began and it feels great to think that I have 6 whole weeks of no school! Also where I live the weather has just turned really hot and sunny so I am having so much summer fun outdoors. So today I wanted to do a little blog to tell you about some of my summer everyday essentials and a little random blog update at the end too. I hope you enjoy!
1) Sun cream- it gets so hot and sunny in the summer that Sun cream is absolutely essential
2) Sun glasses- these are just an obvious essential, they not only stop the brightness of the Sun but also make me feel really summery
3) Sun hat- I have a huge floppy hat which is really lovely for when the weather gets hot. I also love this hat cause it makes me feel really summery
4) Ice cream/ ice lollies- ice cream is great for cooling you down and it also tastes amazing!!!!
5) Fruit- I don’t know why but in the summer I love healthy food and fruit is amazing. I love to try new fruit in the summer too
6) outdoor games- in the summer time I love to spend as much time outdoors as possible and so I love to have fun outdoor games to play with friends and my family (I got a trampoline this spring and I spend hours on it!)
7) cold drinks- I always have a cold drink nearby in the summer to cool me down and because I love to make fruit infused water so it tastes good too
8) reasons to go outside- this may sound odd but one of my summer essentials is to be able to go outside instead of always staying indoors. Whether it’s a dog walk or a trip to the beach I just love being outside in the summer
9) gazebo- now this one isn’t quite as accessible for some people but I love setting up a gazebo and sitting in the cool shade
10) fan- some summer days are just too hot to spend out in the blazing Sun so I love to have a fan in my room and cool the room down
I hope you enjoyed this quick blog and can relate to some of my summer essentials. As always remember to like, comment and follow for more. Also comment any blog requests you may have as I am always in need of your ideas. This blog has now existed for more than 5 months and I am so so so so so happy that I now have over 35 followers. Thank you so much for always reading my blogs even when I am not very consistent. If you haven’t already noticed I am trying to upload weekly on a Monday because I fine it so much easier when I know when people upload so I thought I would help you out by being as consistent as possible. On Tuesday the 16th ofAugust it will be the 6 month anniversary of my blog so I am planning to do an extra special blog (instead of a blog on Monday 15th) to celebrate the special occasion so if you have any ideas for what I could do please comment or contact me (info in contact menu). Because I would love to know what you want to see on my blog.
Thanks so much for always being so amazing
Love you all


Word count (summer)–17😱😁😝


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