July holy grails and holy fails

Hello everybody! Today I am going to be doing my July favorites and I am going to make it a little more interesting by also telling you about some things I have not liked and some things which I am not sure about yet.
Holy grails:
1) Blistex lip brilliance- this is a really moisturising tinted lip balm which is a pretty shimmery dark pink
2) chapstick mixstix lemon berry sorbet- this is a really good lip balm and leaves your lips super soft and moisturising
3) colour couture eye shadow cream- the cream eyeshadow I have been loving hasn’t got a colour name but it is a gorgeous shimmery copper colour and it looks beautiful
4) Rimmel 100% waterproof mascara in 002 black brown- this is a really easy to use mascara and gives an amazing volumised effect on the lashes
5) mua intense colour lip liner in caramel nougat- this has been in my favorites before but it is so amazing. It is the most incredible nude browny pinky colour and although it is matte it is not drying on the lips, it kinda has a creamy texture and is so easy to apply. I just love it
6) mint chocolate m&m’s- oh my god they are so amazing!!!!!!!
7) Ready set glamour and soph does nails on YouTube- both their videos are really good and they are both so so talented at makeup
8) no.7 nail polish in beanie- it is such a beautiful colour

Holy fails:
(Disclaimer- these products didn’t work for me but I may be using them wrong or they may just work for you. This is just my opinion of them)
1) nail Inc nail gel in hot pink- this went on amazingly and looked really good but it was really hard to get off and stained my nail
2) Avon planet spa sleep serenity pillow mist- the smell is quite strong and instead of helping me sleep it just kept me awake
3) Accessories scarlet blush- this is a good blush for when you start out with makeup however the pigmentation is quite poor

Maybe baby:
1) collection lip butter in 02 cappuccino- I only got this a couple of days ago so I need to properly try it out however so far it is so creamy and is a very subtle colour which I like
2) Barry M berry good lip oil- this is also a very recently purchase this but so far it is very pretty lip gloss and very moisturising. It also smells very nice and fruity. But I think that it runs out quickly as I only got this two days ago and it has already lost a lot of product
3) w7 the honey queen honeycomb blush- the pigmentation is very poor but it is really shimmery so makes a good highlighter

I hope you enjoyed this blog. It was a little different to my usual favourites but I wanted to change it up a little as my favourites are getting a little repetitive. This is because I don’t buy a lot of new stuff each month. I also wanted to quickly ask if you have any blog requests and what you would like to see more of in the future for my blog because I feel my blogs are getting a little repetitive.
I’m sorry this blog has been so long but I hope you liked it anyway. Please like and follow if you haven’t already.
Love you all
Olivia xx
P. S quite a while ago I told you I had some exiting things planned for you, well now I have something really exiting planned. I will be telling you about this either next week or the week after so remember to be back soon for that. Love you all xx

Olivia xx


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