Summer essentials

Hi everyone! I hope where ever you are and whatever you are doing, you are having a great day! Where I am in the UK the summer holidays have just began and it feels great to think that I have 6 whole weeks of no school! Also where I live the weather has just turned really hot and sunny so I am having so much summer fun outdoors. So today I wanted to do a little blog to tell you about some of my summer everyday essentials and a little random blog update at the end too. I hope you enjoy!
1) Sun cream- it gets so hot and sunny in the summer that Sun cream is absolutely essential
2) Sun glasses- these are just an obvious essential, they not only stop the brightness of the Sun but also make me feel really summery
3) Sun hat- I have a huge floppy hat which is really lovely for when the weather gets hot. I also love this hat cause it makes me feel really summery
4) Ice cream/ ice lollies- ice cream is great for cooling you down and it also tastes amazing!!!!
5) Fruit- I don’t know why but in the summer I love healthy food and fruit is amazing. I love to try new fruit in the summer too
6) outdoor games- in the summer time I love to spend as much time outdoors as possible and so I love to have fun outdoor games to play with friends and my family (I got a trampoline this spring and I spend hours on it!)
7) cold drinks- I always have a cold drink nearby in the summer to cool me down and because I love to make fruit infused water so it tastes good too
8) reasons to go outside- this may sound odd but one of my summer essentials is to be able to go outside instead of always staying indoors. Whether it’s a dog walk or a trip to the beach I just love being outside in the summer
9) gazebo- now this one isn’t quite as accessible for some people but I love setting up a gazebo and sitting in the cool shade
10) fan- some summer days are just too hot to spend out in the blazing Sun so I love to have a fan in my room and cool the room down
I hope you enjoyed this quick blog and can relate to some of my summer essentials. As always remember to like, comment and follow for more. Also comment any blog requests you may have as I am always in need of your ideas. This blog has now existed for more than 5 months and I am so so so so so happy that I now have over 35 followers. Thank you so much for always reading my blogs even when I am not very consistent. If you haven’t already noticed I am trying to upload weekly on a Monday because I fine it so much easier when I know when people upload so I thought I would help you out by being as consistent as possible. On Tuesday the 16th ofAugust it will be the 6 month anniversary of my blog so I am planning to do an extra special blog (instead of a blog on Monday 15th) to celebrate the special occasion so if you have any ideas for what I could do please comment or contact me (info in contact menu). Because I would love to know what you want to see on my blog.
Thanks so much for always being so amazing
Love you all


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My beauty wish list

Hey everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful day today. It is super hot in UK today and I hope it is hot wherever you are too.
So today I am going to share with you my beauty wish list.
1) real techniques brushes
2) Naked eye shadow palette
3) two faced chocolate bar palette
4) nars cheek palette
5) Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in nude
6) Tanya Burr liquid lipstick in Martha moo
7) Tanya Burr eyeshadow in birthday suit
8) Zoella life is sweet cosmetic bag
9) sleek blush in rose gold
10) Maybelline lash sensational mascara
I hope you enjoyed this quick blog and can relate to some of these products.  There are some higher end products which are a little more pricey however most are high street brands and are available in boots, super drug or amazon.
Please thumbs up this blog if you liked it, comment below which products you want and don’t forget to follow to see more of my blogs.
Love you all
Olivia xx

Olivia xx

My recent beauty buys

Hey everybody! How are you all today? So today I wanted to tell you all about some of my recent beauty buys. Now these are all fairly resent but some have featured in my may favorites.
1) Tanya Burr peachy glow cheek palette– I love this palette, the blush is my favourite and the bronzer and highlighter are also amazing!
2) seventeen define & conquer contour kit– I love the fact that both the bronzer and highlighter are matte.
3) Imagic lipstick in shade 8– this is a beautiful matte subtle pinky red colour.
4) e.l.f daily brush cleanser– this is an amazing brush cleanser
5) Revolution amazing volume mascara– this is a very good mascara but it depends if you like plastic applicators
6) Baptiste tropical dry shampoo– this is an amazing hair fix and is so easy to use. It also smells lovely
7) MUA intense colour lip liner in caramel nougat– this is literally the best colour ever. It’s such a beautiful matte nude and it’s relatively easy to use
8) Rimmel London stay matte powder in 002 pink blossom– this is a really good powder and matches my skin tone really well

So that’s it. I have been saving up my recent purchases to make this blog. I recommend all these products as they are really good. All of these are quite cheep and available in the high street or on amazon.
I hope you enjoyed this blog and maybe it gave you some ideas of great beauty products.  Remember to follow to get all my blogs delivered to your wordpress reader or to your email. And like this blog as I really appreciate it. You can also comment your thoughts on these products or if you have any product recommendations.
I have recently hit 35 followers and I am so happy and I am so greatful for all my wonderful followers as when I started this blog in February I didn’t expect this many followers. So I wanted to say a massive massive thank you as I feel like I don’t thank you enough and I really do appreciate every single one of you. Thank you
I love all so much
Keep smiling
Olivia xx

Olivia xx

June favourites

Hey everyone. This year has gone so quickly! It seems like only yesterday I was writing a may favorites! Anyway here are some things I have been loving this month.
1) Zoella double créme body lotion– it just feels and smells so good
2) Rimmel waterproof mascara in 002 brown Black– this is an amazing mascara and is waterproof too
3) Ted Baker mini perfume set– this set includes some beautiful scents
4) Bronzer– I have a lot of bronzers which I have been using a lot but I don’t know which I like more so I am just saying I love bronzers in general.
5) Zoella body fondant– this gives the most beautiful natural glow
6) Imagic lipstick in 08– this is a gorgeous muted red mattelipstick
7) I love raspberry & blackberry body spritz– I absolutely love this scent to bits
8) The Body Shop– recently I have just loved body shop products
9) Zoella blissful mistful body mist– I love this scent so much it’s my favourite from the original collection
10) lush– I just love everything from lush, it’s just so amazing
11) Bio active organic tee tree blemish stick– this is basically a life saver. It helps remove spots within roughly a day and doesn’t leave scars. I highly recommend it. (I don’t know how well it works on acne though)
12) Superwoman aka lilly Singh– lately I have been loving her videos. She makes the best comedic videos ever
13) Special K almond cereal bars– it sounds old but these taste amazing. I love them so much
14) Strawberries– I love everything about strawberries. And now that it’s summer these make a great snack
15) Suffragette–this film is really good. It’s so inspirational and I honestly think that teenage girls should watch this film because it shows the sacrifice women made for out rights
Thanks for reading. I did upload earlier this week however I decided to delete it. I have lots planned for you all in the coming weeks though.
See you soon
Love you all
Olivia xx

Olivia xx

Zoella Sweet Inspirations Review

Hey everyone! You don’t know how exited I have been to write this blog. So today I am going to be doing a review of the new Zoella sweet inspiration range. So I am afraid that I will only be reviewing two products because it costs a little too much to get them all. Anyway I wanted to review hem so that anyone who wants them gets to know what they are like.
So I bought the Body Fondant and the Body Lotion.

Body Fondant:
The Body Fondant as well as the rest of the range smells like sweet almond and macaroon which is absolutely incredible!! It also looks so beautiful on the skin, it gives such a beautiful glow to the skin.

Body lotion:
The body lotion smells like sweet almond and macaroon too. It feels so soft on the skin and is very moisturising. The smell is quit long lasting too which is also very good.

I hope this was kind of useful to you as I highly recommend the whole range. I hope you enjoyed the blog. Make sure to read my previous blog and future ones too. See you later.
Love you all.
Olivia xx

Olivia xx

May favourites

Hello everybody.  Sorry I haven’t blogged in a long time but now I have lots of ideas. Now this is my first monthly favorites and I intend to keep this up at the end of every month. So it is now June but I am going to tell you about some of my beauty and random favourites of may 2016. Sorry I am a bit late but still,  better late than never!
1) Barry M mani mask in bamboo– this helps strengthen your nails as well as give them a beautiful nude, semi matte finish.
2) Tanya Burr Peachy glow cheek palette– I only got this reason try after wanting it for ages and it is beautiful. I love the blush, bronzer and highlighter.
3) MUA lipstick in shade 14 bare– this is a beautiful pale nude lipstick which goes with any look.
4) MUA pistachio ice cream nail polish– this is the most beautiful mint candy apple coloured nail polish.
5) Sleek blush– sleek has such a wide range of colours both matte and shimmer and they have amazing pigmentation.
6) e.l.f daily brush cleanser– I find cleaning makeup brushes so much easier with the help of this cleanser.
7) Fox’s triple biscuit bars– this may sound random but they taste amazing.
8) Now you see me– this is an action(ish) film which I recently re watched and I find it so entertaining.
9) Zoella– I know it’s weird to put a person on your favorites but recently I have loved watching Zoe’s videos. (Am looking farward to trying her new range!)
10) Forest– this is an app which basically times you for a set amount of time and won’t let you access any other apps (until times up) with out killing a tree. This really helps me with revision.
11) Cookie dough ice cream– it’s getting warmer weather (where I live) and this ice cream just tastes delicious!
12) Spotify–as always this app is just perfect if you want to listen to music.
13) lush– lately I have been loving large colourful bath bombs as they just make the perfect bath.

Thank you for reading this far because it was a long list of favourites! Also, I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in a while I have just been very busy and have been stuck for blog ideas. But don’t worry because I now have lots of ideas so be prepared for lots of blogs to come! Sorry to be dragging on for so long but I just wanted to tell you that I have something very exiting planned for you all! Remember to follow this blog if you are new here, like this post if you liked it and comment down below if you also like any of these things. Or comment any of your favorites that I may like. Also if you have time, please check out my friends Zoe and Gabi’s blog which I will link below.
I love you all
Olivia xx

Some useful Websites for the things listed above:
Zoella blog
Zoella YouTube
Zoe and Gabi’s blog

I hope you liked this blog and it was helpful to you and remember to come back soon for more blogs. Xx

Olivia xx

My random favourites

Hey everyone!  Today I really wanted to write a blog but I just spent ten minuets trying to come up with something to blog about so today I am going to blog about my random favorites. So here they are:
1) Spotify– Spotify premium is best but I don’t have Spotify premium I have the free version which is well worth it as it is incredible.
2) Whatsapp– It means you get free texts and calls and it means you can firm a group chat will multiple people. So I recommend it as it’s free.
3) Lush– What’s not to love about about lush it’s just amazing stuff.
4) Wattpad– If you don’t know what it is, it’s bazically when people write books on their and you can read them but you can also write if you want. I have got really into it lately.
5) Face masks– They just make your skin so soft and feel gone and, it sounds weird but, I kinda just enjoy using face masks.
6) Youtube– Obviously. I particularly love Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella) and Joe Sugg.
7) Matte nude eyeshadow– I particularly love a palette called Mega Mattes by technic it’s not a proper brand but it has beautiful neutral colours and was literally £3.60 on Amazon.
8) Hair masks– Particularly  Frizz ease hair mask. It is quite cheap and is amazing for your hair.
9) Troye Sivan– I have just become kind of obsessed with his songs lately especially Youth. But that relates to Spotify.
10) Starbucks– I just love Starbucks. Especially their  iced late. They are incredible.
Thanks for reading. I recommend all of these and they where not in order of importance. Anyway, I will blog soo. Bye.
Olivia xx

Olivia xx

My blogging tips

Hey everybody! So I just saw that I got a comment from anonymous asking how I created my blog. So here are my top tips for blogging.

1) My biggest tip is to blog what you want, when you want. It’s easy to get caught up in the popular things, you don’t have to blog about something just because other bloggers do. It’s your blog.

2) Read your blog back before you upload it. This is something I am really bad at but trust me, you will find mistakes when you read it back.

3) So when you are just starting your blog I recommend you try different styles. You may think you will enjoy blogging one thing in particular but I recommend you do a couple of different blog topics and see what you like.

4) When you first set up your blog you have to choose a design for it. My advice is not to worry about finding the perfect design, just choose one you like because you can always change it later.

5) Make sense in your blog. I struggle at this sometimes too. Sometimes,  things make sense in your head but it’s easy to write something which people don’t understand. So, remember people will be reading the blog and make sense! (This links to reading back the blog)

6) In your first blog, I recommend that you tell people a bit about yourself so they know what to expect. You can even do this is your blog is anonymous because you don’t have to give to much away if you don’t want to.

7) Keep it personal. If you have read my previous blogs, you would know that sometimes I say stuff like “sorry I haven’t blogged in a while” and ” hello everybody!”. Keep it personal as if you are talking to someone. But also remember that people have come to your blog to learn a diy or whatever you blogged about so remember to stay to the point.

8) On WordPress, you can add widgets on your blog and I recommend you put a follow button onto the very top of your blog. This is because people are more likely to follow your blog if you make it easy to do so. I really hate it when you have to go right to the bottom of a page to follow a blog.

9) Always comment on other blogs so that people know your out there and will prohaps look at your blog. But something I hate is when people just comment stuff like “Love this. Be sure to check out my blog and follow me.” this makes you appear desperate and I am much more likely to follow a blog if the blogger is nice and only subtly introduces their blog at the end of a comment.

10) Finally, don’t expect much of your blog if you have only just started it. I didn’t get my first follower for about 3-4 days of me starting this blog. You have to give people time to find your blog before you expect them to follow. Be patient. But also keep your blogs frequent. People are more likely to follow a blog which has regular posts.

I hope this was some help to you. I know I have only been blogging for 2 months but these tips are just some things which I have learnt. Sorry this blog was so long but I wanted to include all my tips in one blog. I hope it helped.
Love you all!
Olivia xx


Olivia xx

Beauty blogging :-)

Hey everybody! So this is going to be a quick blog. So I uploaded a blog called my beauty products part 1 just 14 minutes ago and surprisingly I have already had 8 likes from it which is amazing. 
You guys obviously liked that blog and I definitely enjoyed making it. Obviously as that is the first blog in a series, I will be continuing that series. But I think I will start to make more beauty blogs as I really like making them.
Thanks again
Olivia xx

Olivia xx

My beauty products part 1

Hey everyone! So today’s blog is going to be something a bit different. This is the first of a series of beauty blogs. Now I have never done a beauty blog before but I really like beauty.  To be honest I only wear makeup on special occasions but I do have an excessive amount of makeup and thousands of beauty products. So I am going to create a series of blogs about my beauty products! The reason I am creating several blogs is because I have too much to create one blog.
In this blog I am going to tell you about my bath/ bath related products. I have written where I got them from too. Also, some of the lush products are no longer available because I got them during the Christmas season so you won’t be able to get them any more. But you may be able to get them next year.


So these are all my bath products. As you can see, some (6) of the products are from lush but some of them are just unbranded bath products. To be honest I could go on for hours explaining all of these so I’m not going to explain them. But I love them all as they all smell wonderful!!!
I have:
Luxury lush pud (bath bomb) (lush)
Lush fizzbanger (bath ballistic) (lush)
Lush Mmmelting marshmallow moment (bath oil) (lush)
Lush you’ve been mangoed (bath oil) (lush)
Lush the magic of Christmas (reusable bubble wand)(lush)
Lush magic wand (reusable bubble wand)(lush)
Zoella bath bombeinies (may have spelt that wrong) (Superdrug)
The beauty parlour bath caviar (Morrisons)-(cringe)
The beauty parlour 3 in a row bath bombs (Morrisons)
Sweet snuggles snowflake bath bombs (superdrug)
Random Christmas mini bath bombs  (Amazon)


Next I have other bath related products.
I have:
The body shop strawberry body butter (The body shop)
The body shop mango bubble bath (The body shop)
Possibility raspberry pavlova body lotion (Boots)
Zoella creamy madly dreamy body lotion (Superdrug)
Britney Spears curious body lotion (Superdrug/Boots)
Toni&Guy professional hair set containing shampoo, conditioner, hair spray and heat defence spray (Asda)

I love all these products and recommend them to you all as they are so nice. If you want me to go into more detail about them please tell me and I could create a more detailed blog for you. I really hope you enjoyed my first ever beauty blog. I will be making more in this series and maybe will make more beauty blogs if you like this. Again I’m sorry I didn’t go into much detail but I didn’t want to make this blog too long.
Please comment what you think of this blog, like and follow me too!!
Thanks for reading. Love you all. See you next time.
Olivia xx

Olivia xx